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SUPERMOM Preconceptional , Antenatal & Postnatal Sessions is more than just a Pregnancy Care Center — it’s a growing community! We have made it a point to be involved with daily life by providing a wide range of workouts and health tips. Check out what’s going on this month at SUPERMOM Preconceptional, Antenatal & Postnatal Classes, and schedule an appointment today!


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Hello everyone ,

I am Dr.Vinaya Sawant-Devrukhkar,

Obstetrician & Gynaecologist practicing since last 10 years,  currently attached to Bethany Hospital Thane.

The journey towards motherhood is one of the most beautiful journeys travelled and the team of Supermoms is here to make this more satisfying, fun filled and treasured one for you.

We are here to answer the queries, prepare you for your pregnancy, help you understand the changes your body undergoes during these 9 months and post delivery and also you to connect with your baby when inside your womb. 

Along with physical fitness, being fit mentally & emotionally is equally important and we help You attain the same. This support can have profound and positive effect on how a woman experiences New Motherhood.

We here at Supermoms are committed to support parents during this extraordinary time in their lives.

Happy Baby

Preconceptional Sessions

Topics Covered:

1. Science of conception.

2. Know your fertile days.

3. Preconceptional Health (wife & husband)

4. Lifestyle and environmental factors

5. Preconceptional Diet

6. Stress and lifestyle disorders (PCOS/Obesity/Insulin resistance,etc)

7. Yoga Asana & Relaxation

Get Healthy Get Pregnant

Happy Mothers give birth to Happy Babies is what we truly believe.  

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Antenatal Sessions

Topics covered - 

1) Pregnancy changes trimester wise  by  Gynaecologist.

2) Pranayam n breathing exercises throughout pregnancy.

3) Diet n nutrition explained by Dietician.

4) Loosening Exercises for all trimesters including pelvic floor exercises.

5) All about Labour - stages of labour, birthing positions, role of birthing partner during labour , complications during n after delivery taken by Gynaecologist.

6) Lamaze breathing methods  during labour.

7) Pregnancy Yoga  By Certified Yoga Teacher

8) Breastfeeding Myths & Facts well explained by Lactation Consultant.

9) Newborn Care  including umbilical cord care , swaddling the baby, immunisation schedule  & Red flags to remember for your baby taken by Paediatrician.

Each Session followed by question n answer time, we try to answer all your queries and doubts.


Prenatal Yoga
Indoor Yoga

Postnatal Sessions

At SUPERMOM Postnatal Classes, our mission has been to provide quality care at the comfort of your home through our online sessions. 

As the body undergoes many changes over the 9 months of pregnancy and during the post delivery phase for at least 6-8 needs to be delicately brought back to regain fitness and shape without rigorous exercises or fad diets.

Love your body and it shows magical results. That's exactly what we are doing here.

Our Postnatal Sessions include - 

1) Loosening exercises

2) Yoga asanas

3) Toning of lower belly , breast, thighs, & perineum

4) Surya namaskar

5) Kegel's exercise

6) Pranayam

7) Relaxation techniques

8) Diet advice

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preconception image.jpg

Pre-Conceptional Sessions

Total 20 Sessions 

Duration : 60 min

Fees : 6000/-

Fitness for future mothers

Supermom Antenatal   


7 Sessions : Once a week on weekends

Duration : 60 to 90 min 

Fees : 3500/-

Indoor Yoga

Supermom Postnatal 


Total 12 Yoga Sessions Per Month
Monday, Wednesday , Friday
5.15 TO 6.15pm
Fees - 2500/month

Doctor Taking Notes

Teleconsultation with Gynaecologist

Consultation : 15 min
Fees : 500/-

Fruit Shakes

Teleconsultation With Dietician

MSc.Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics,

Certified Diabetes Educator

Dietician at Bethany Hospital Thane.

Consultation : 15 min

Fees : 300/-

Mother Breastfeeding Baby

Teleconsultation With Lactation Consultant

Certified Lactation Counsellor From Cappa , Active BPNI member.

Consultation : 30 min

Fees : 700/-

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Experience With Supermom Sessions

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I have joined Dr Vinaya’s yoga sessions and I must confess that she is a fabulous instructor. She explains every Asan in detail, corrects our postures, makes sure that we do it correctly and also explains the benefits in a very scientific manner. She instills this sense of discipline and we ourselves feel guilty on missing out a session. Learning with her has been an awesome experience and I urge everyone to give it a try. Thanks Dr Vinaya, Keep up the good work👍



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